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My Week of Speaking! 0

My Week of Speaking!

I am really excited that this has turned out to be a very busy week for me with back-to-back speaking engagements this Thursday and Friday (October 10th & 11th). Both days I will be presenting on What...

Windows 7 management Webcast. 0

Windows 7 management Webcast.

I am VERY excited to be hosting a new TechNet Webcast this Thursday (4/7) with Microsoft’s Brad McCabe where we will be discussing Windows 7 management and some of the powerful tools that Microsoft...

My recent Windows 7 Webcast on TechNet 0

My recent Windows 7 Webcast on TechNet

If you missed the webcast I recently did with Stephen Rose about Windows 7 deployment and the great tools available for deploying Windows 7, you can find the archive here: http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/technetwindows7.aspx?tab=Webcasts&seriesid=141&webcastid=17229